Dec 14, 2011


After months of waiting Advanced Health have revealed that the celebrity endorsing the Eye Secrets brand is the one and only Michelle Collins!

Many of you will recognize Michelle from her current TV role as Stella Price from Coronation Street; the latest land lady of the Rovers Return.

You may also recognize the Soap Queen from her days in EastEnders when she played Cindy Beale.

Michelle has also stayed in Sunburn, Two Thousand Aces of Sky and was a TV presenter on The Word.

She will be a great celebrity for the brand!

Michelle Collins Eye Secrets - Lift EyeLids Without Surgical treatment

Eye Secrets consists of a kit that is in 3 pieces, and in this product that you’d get the amazing benefits a lot like to that of a effective plastic surgical operation. It’s actually a product which area of focus is specifically the eye, because this is one of the spots in which wrinkles is really visible. 

This kit will then offer you the eyelid lift by making the skin that’s round the eye to be a little tighter, which may help you make appear younger, while also using an positive effect on your eye lashes, and so they appears to be a little longer and so you would have eyelashes that are fuller.

The usage of Eye Secrets is very easy, and isn’t time-consuming. Inside the kit, there are a few thin strips that a person would attach onto the top of your eyelids. These are what can help someone to have the eyelid lift, since they stick onto the eye with out slipping for around twelve hours. And also they fit everybody, thus you don’t have to worry about the size.

The fantastic thing about this particular eyelid lift which is being possible by this great solution, also known as Eye Secrets Strips, is it really is non-invasive. The other choices that are offered such as Botox treatments and surgery are very intrusive, and though the outcomes which they publish are usually good, there is a high level of risk involved, a risk that can be very negative to your well being. This is the reason why these particular three piece set will probably be the great choice if you are looking to seem more youthful.

Eye Secrets is the completely new development in anti-ageing products sweeping the nation today. Michelle Collins Eye Secrets – Indeed Michelle Collins of Eastenders, who has just joined the cast list of Coronation St . uses Eye Secrets.
The main reason why you might like to select cosmetic surgery is so that one could look young, and maybe also since there is no other viable choices that can give the effects that surgery treatment is assured to offer you. Then again, it is now achievable to get an eyelid lift without needing to have surgery, and this is made possible by means of Eye Secrets. Surgical treatments commonly consists of some level of risk, and lots of individuals have been proven to have serious issues resulting from some complication coming as a result of the surgery, Therefore using Eye Secrets you could now look more youthful, while still being guaranteed an existence worth looking young for.

Michelle Collins in Hello magazine on Eye Secrets

Soap star Michelle Collins is talking about Eye Secrets again, this time in Hello magazine. She shares her top anti-aging tips.

At 51 years old Michelle is around that age that women really want to start taking care of themselves and they do what they can to make them-self look younger and more attractive. Surgery may be the answer for some celebs but Michelle is determined to put that off for as long as possible. 

By using the Eye Secrets kit you can target the whole eye area to appear younger. Smooth over fine wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids and make lashes look thicker.

Michelle Collins Eye Secrets – Why Does She Use Eye Secrets?

Michelle Collins has recently just been named as the new face for Eye Secrets, the anti-aging product released in October 2010.

Michelle who has been a leading TV actress in the UK for decades, has portrayed many femme fatals in her leading ladies roles, including the imfamous Cindy Beale in Eastenders. And her days in soaps have taken a new twist by becoming the new Rovers Return land lady, Stella Price in Cornonation Street.

Within her many roles, Michelle always looks fantastic on screen, and its a surprise to many to realise she has just turned 51 this year. So the question many are now asking, How does she keep looking so young?

Well, its no surprise that Michelle Collins is a big fan of Eye Secrets, the anti-aging product that has been a big hit since its launch in October 2010. Michelle appreciates the benefits that this anti-aging eye product offers, and has been using the products herself.

Advanced Health LTD

Secret Behind Michelle Collins' beautiful on Eyes and Young Look

Michelle Collins of Eastenders and Coronation Street fame, has just been unveiled as the new face of Eye Secrets, anti aging eye products!

Michelle looks remarkable for her age, and many are surprised when they hear she has turned 50 this year.

he has always maintained a youthful appearance, and as an actress, who has played femme fatal roles throughout her career, appearance is everything and looking her best an absolute must!

Its therefore, no surprise to learn that Michelle has been an avid fan and customer of Eye Secrets, the anti aging eye products, since its launch in 2010.

Like many women who are using the Eye Secrets Range, Michelle is benefiting from the instant effects that the product range provides, reducing the appearance of wrinkles over and under the eye.

Eye Secrets Upper eyelid Lift is an innovative transparent strip that when gently attached to you eyelid, removes the signs of droopy eyes instantly.

Eye Secrets Instant Eye Tightener is a unique blend of active ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 92% in under a minute.

The third product in the range is Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator, which will enhance and thicken you lashes using only 100% natural ingredients.

Lash Growth Accelerator’s non irritating formula, which has been clinically tested, can also be used on eyebrows as well as eye lashes.

The Complete Eye Secrets Range of products when used together will transform your eyes completely, unlike any other anti-aging beauty products that only work in one specific area.

If you only need to enhance a certain part of your eye, like your lashes, or fine lines under your eye, you can buy only that product, rather than the complete set.

So why wait any longer, you too deserve the benefits of younger looking eyes, just like Michelle has. 

Michelle Collins and Instant Eye Lift

The latest exponent of the Instant Eye Lid Lift is former East-Ender Michelle Collins.

Michelle was filmed at a photo-shoot recently and admits to using Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lifting strips to give her eyes a more youthful appearance.

In case you wondering what Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lifting strips are they are the surgical eye beautification strips that can completely change the appearance of your eyes in just 30 seconds.

Dec 6, 2011

Does The Under Eye Tightener Help Reduce Wrinkles

Do you feel unhappy every time you wake up, go into the bathroom, look into the mirror and see your puffy, tired looking eyes staring back at you? Are the lines underneath your eyes making you look tired and aged? Do you feel as though you look at least 10 years older than you really are? Do other people remark on how 'tired' you're looking? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, Eye secret's Under Eye Tightener could be the answer to your worries.
Eye Secret's Under Eye Tightener uses a very special unique formulation; its prime ingredient remains unknown as the manufacturers are keeping it very close to their chests. But we do know that additional ingredients include Vitamin B, Aloe Vera and Collagen. When applied under and around the eyes, in less than a minute Under Eye Tightener gets straight to work, tightening and smoothing the skin's surface so wrinkles and lines are lessened and appear greatly reduced, open pores shrink and the skin is lifted and appears much firmer and plumper. This fast acting formula lasts 8-12 hours.

Eye Secret's Under Eye Tightener has been subjected to clinical trials and found that it can effectively reduce lines and wrinkles by up to 46% if used over a long term basis. It can even help to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips and mouth. It is hypoallergenic so should not cause any skin irritation; even those with sensitive skin should be able to use Eye Secret's Under-eye tightener safely. One application a day is all that is needed, it should last between 8-12 hours although those with particularly greasy skin may wish to apply more and after perspiration. Each bottle of Eye Secret's Under Eye Tightener contains a month's supply (30 days). There never has been a more effective way to turn back time and reverse the signs of aging. The saying is that the eyes are the mirror to your soul; well they will never give away your age again.

Eye Secret's Under Eye Tightener forms part of the Eye Secrets Eye care system, three unique products each with a defined purpose to help give you the most beautiful, young and healthy looking eyes. Along with the Under Eye Tightener, the other products include Upper Eye Lift, a unique product that uses specially designed and invisible strips that are fitted to the eyelids to lift away and prevent the look of hooded or heavy eye lids; the final product in the product range is the Eye Secrets Lash Growth Accelerator which is proven to double the thickness of your eyelashes in as little as 21 days.

What Ingredients Are In Eyelid Lifter

Nothing gives the age of a person away quite like your eyes. The eyes will show everything, illness, tiredness and age. We all want to look our best and look forever young, so to look old before your time and weary is something that is very upsetting and distressing to many and is why thousands of women and men feel they need to resort to painful, unpredictable surgical procedures to get back their youth. This can drastically improve a person self-confidence and self-image but it is not without its risks. It can be a painful, lengthy and expensive process and there are no guarantees that the end result will be the one you are hoping for. Needless to say, the possible scarring you could experience which could leave your eyes in an even more undesirable state than before and any complications during or following surgery could have devastating consequences.

Eye Secrets hugely popular Eyelid lifter provides you with another excellent option to immediately enhance the appearance of your eyes, quickly and easily. The Eye Secrets strips are free from all harsh chemicals that can be used safely around the eye area, the strips themselves are covered with a medically approved, hypoallergenic adhesive glue and a petroleum based gel is included to help to further harness the adhesive nature of the strip ensuring it stays put all day. This also enables the strips to be used several times without losing their bond and without irritating or causing inflammation to the eyelid. However, if you are hyper sensitive to petroleum based products it is best to avoid using Eye Secrets. If in the rare instance, you do experience any discomfort when using the strips, discontinue use.

The strips can be applied whenever you desire, either on a daily basis or just for a special occasion. They will not slip or fall off if applied following the directions and you can wear cosmetics as you usually would. The strips are designed to be inconspicuous and see through so they are not normally detectable to other people, so you can have the look of an eye lift without going under the knife! Despite the heavy duty adhesion of the strips, they are very easily removed at the end of the day.

Generally to improve the look of sagging eyelids, surgery would be required or external support of the breakdown of the collagen structure, but no eye lift cream has the potential to do this and any results achieved from creams are only temporary and may make the skin look smoother but cannot repair the collagen or hold back the sagging skin. However, with Eye Secrets, once the strip is applied, the eye is lifted straight away for a natural wide eyed look to rival any surgical procedure.

How Long Does Eyelid Lifter Take To Work

If you desperately want to do something about the excess skin on the lids that hang over your eyes, that make you look drawn, old and tired you are probably under the impression that your only option is to have surgery. That would require various consultations with different surgeons, a health check, the actual operation itself and recovery time and not to mention the costs and interruption to your daily life and activities. So imagine if you could find an eyelid lifting product that provided you with results there and then? Does it sound too good to be true? Think again, because with the arrival of Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, it does just that.

With Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, hypoallergenic strips are applied directly to the eyelid instantly take hold of the skin and lift them into a more pleasing and natural position so that your eyes are no longer hidden and this will not only taking years off but give you a more refreshed appearance. No more waiting to see results, from the second you apply the strip you will see a major difference. To enhance the stickiness of the strips a safe petroleum based gel should be applied to the strips and pressed down firmly for 1-2 minutes to make them stay put throughout the entire day. The thin strips are extremely discreet, no-one should be able to see them and they can be worn safely with make-up. They are also comfortable and do not tug at the delicate skin at the eye, they can be easily removed to move to a different position on the eye and easily removed at night. Anyone can wear Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter although if you do suffer from an allergy or sensitivity to petroleum it is advised that you seek advice before wearing. You get 30 strips in each box of Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, enough for a whole month's supply. You can get the renewed appearance you've been yearning for in a flash.

Whenever you want a boost, carry Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter with you where you can apply them whenever, wherever. With a one day application, not only are they quick and easy and convenient, they are extremely discreet, no one will know you are wearing Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, you are sure to be envied by others because of how great you look, they know you haven't had surgery but you look younger and they will want to know your secret and of course; it is up to you whether you let them in on it!

How Does Eyelid Lifter Work

The Eye Secrets eyelid lifter is an adhesive strip gently lifts the dropping eyelid and restoring it to its natural position in seconds. No need to wait to see results as they can be been seen instantly. As well as looking tired and perhaps older than you really are, having very deep set eyes coupled with droopy and baggy eyelids can make a person look harsh, but you will not just achieve a younger looking eye, a softer more open looking eye can also be achieved with the use of Eye Secrets eyelid lifter. And unlike with eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty in its medical term, there is no need to go under the knife and risk possible scarring and complications, not when you can achieve wider, brighter and younger looking eyes by wearing the Eye Secrets eyelid lifter and at a far more cost-friendly price.

The transparent strip can be applied and worn throughout the whole day comfortably and unobtrusively, on the vast majority of people, it will not be visible by anyone else. They do not have to be cut down to size as one size fits all; they are designed to fit any eye shape or size. The Eye Secrets strips are coated with a durable medically proved hypoallergenic adhesive on one side alongside a petroleum based gel to be applied on top that makes it easy for you to move the strips to a position you are happy with. The gel and the adhesive combined both promise effective and strong adhesion to the eye without the pulling and irritation of the lid.

They can also easily be re-adjusted and re-applied as you see fit. Once you are happy with the position of the strip on your eyelid, simply leave them where they are and after 1-2 minutes they will be set in place. Provided you have followed the instructions, the strips should stay in place perfectly for about 10-12 hours. Eye Secrets strips can be easily removed at the end of the day.

You get 30 strips in each box, a whole month's supply of strips if you are applying them every day. Users have reported looking and feeling 10 years younger with the use of Eye Secrets lid lifter, there is no hard and fast rule with the strips, you can use them any time, no matter where you are or what you are doing making it a highly viable alternative to surgery. You can feel more confident in your appearance; look better in photos and look people straight in the eye once again, knowing that you look great!

Eyelid Lifter Or Surgery

Eyebag and eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, is becoming an increasingly popular surgical procedure that lifts droopy upper eye lids and help to reduce the puffy bags under the eyes by removing any excess skin, improving the overall look, shape and contour of the eye.

People choose to have this kind of surgery because your eyes are the focal part of your face, they are the first thing people notice when they look at each other and if you have old looking tired, baggy eyes it can have a real impact on not only your overall attractiveness but your self-esteem and confidence. There are many contributing factors to why the condition of some people's eyes deteriorate faster than others, it can be down to ageing, sun damage, gravity, muscle weakening and even stress. This can make a person look a lot older than they really are and give off a constantly very tired appearance. This can not only affect your self-image and self-confidence but can be the source of embarrassment.

With eyelid surgery, these problems can be eradicated, but not without a price. Of course there is all the expense of a consultation (these are not always free) finding a suitable, reputable surgeon, funding the operation and the actual operation itself. These procedures are not always successful, or do not always match up with the individual's idea of how they would like their eyes to look, some people's expectations of after surgery are too high leading them to be disappointed. Others are left with pain, scarring and even sometimes loss of sensation/feeling around the eye area. There is also the recovery time to be taken into account; it can interfere with work and other day to day activities.

It may seem like the only option to restoring your looks and self-confidence but there is another brilliant alternative; Eyesecret's Eyelid Lifter. It does what the name suggests, gently lifts the lid by way of an adhesive strip and a petroleum containing gel bonding the strip securely but gently to the lid bringing it to a more natural position. Once the strip is applied and in place, it will not budge, the transparent thin nature of the strip means it is not noticeable to others and you can wear cosmetics as usual over it. The strips last all day long and they can even be re-used and re-applied. The effects of the strip are not permanent but you can wear Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter whenever you feel like your need a mini eye make over or every day to turn the clock back and look years younger, boost your overall appearance, and make you feel good about yourself. Fuss free, convenient and safe to use, it is no wonder more and more people are choosing Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter. Why put yourself in harm's way when you can go back in time restoring your appearance to what it used to be for a fraction of the price and at no risk to your health? See the results for yourself; give Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter a try today.

Solve Droopy Eyelids with Eyelid Lifter - Instantly

Eye secrets Eyelid lifter can quickly provide a temporary but immediate fix to combat the distressing appearance of hanging and baggy eyelids. Or even if you were just born with very deep set eyes as you get older, this can be visually unattractive as once the eyelids start to droop on top of the deep set eyes, this can sometimes make a person look particularly harsh. 

These problems can usually otherwise be rectified by a surgical procedure, Eye secrets eyelid lifter can revive and rejuvenate those tired looking eyes and bring them to the position that they once were. You will look years younger in mere seconds! What's great is, people will surely notice the difference and the improvement but will not be able to tell what is different! No-one need know you are wearing Eye secrets Eyelid lifter unless you want them to.

Eye secrets Eyelid lifter consists of a thin adhesive strip, non-porous and hypoallergenic ally tested that comes complete with petroleum based gel formula to ensure the strips stay in place all day. The strips gently lift the eyelid, resulting in a natural, more alert looking eye. It is gentle and safe to use around the eye area, although people who are sensitive to petroleum products should proceed with caution. 

You can wear Eye secrets Eyelid lifter for as long as you wish, except they must be applied before you go to sleep, on average the strips will last 10-12 hours. They can be easily removed and re-applied to the placement that you desire, they are usually non-visible to others and can be worn alongside eye make-up. Of course it's not just women that worry about their looks, Men also suffering from droopy hanging lids will also benefit from these strips if they too are unhappy with their appearance. 

You get a 30 day supply, if you wear the strips on a daily basis making it fantastic value for money. It does no matter what shape your eyes are or how big or how small, there is no need to trim them down to size. Eye secrets Eyelid lifter strips are universal which means one size fits all.

While eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty as it is commonly known) may provide permanent results, those results are uncertain and the risks entailed with the surgery make it a risky option and not one to be taken lightly and without all the facts. 

With Eye secrets Eyelid lifter you can go to bed with puffy, saggy eyes and after getting ready, using your secret weapon, leave the house with renewed, larger and younger looking eyes, a confidence boost and an overall younger-looking appearance.

Eyelid Lifter For Droopy Lids

If your droopy lids are making you feel unattractive, unhappy and affecting your confidence and making you not want to face the world, but you know you cannot possibly afford to do something about it, it does not have to be this way. Imagine being able to go out with all the self-confidence in the world, knowing that you look great and not feeling like you have to hide your eyes behind dark sunglasses because you feel ashamed and embarrassed about the way that you look. There is a wonderful product designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of that saggy excess by gently lifting your lids making your eyes instantly larger and brighter minus the pain.

Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter is fast taking the place of surgical procedures because of its ease of use, cost-effectiveness and its safety. Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter are hypoallergenic strips that you simply apply to the upper eyelid that adhere securely to gently lift the eyelid back into a more normal position giving you a more wide eyed look, making you look fresher and younger. They are designed to be worn without irritation and the transparent strips are inconspicuous (so no one has to know you are wearing them) and comfortable. They can be worn for as long as you wish to wear them; just remove before you go to sleep. The strips can be re-applied and re-used if necessary.
One size fits all eye shapes, there is no need to cut to fit, any eye, big or small can benefit from the new lease of life Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter can give them. You get a generous full month's supply in each box which means you can use them as frequently as you like or they can be saved for a special occasion. Cosmetics can also be worn with the strips and due to the improved and more prominent appearance of your eyes that were probably once hidden, your eye make-up is sure to look better than ever. It is worth mentioning that men also suffer from baggy lids and would like to improve their appearance, these strips are unisex and can be worn by men too.

Eyesecret's Eyelid lifter is not a permanent measure, the strips will not yield results that last, and once the strip is removed the lid will go back to normal. However, this is a non-invasive, painless, affordable and straightforward way to boost your confidence and make you not only look but also feel younger again.

All About Eyelid Lifter

Eyesecrets Eyelid Lifter is a brand new product that is proven to dramatically counteract the appearance of drooping, saggy and hooded eye lids. They generally are associated with ageing although some people can be born with excess skin on the lids resulting in a very heavy appearance. Others are born with very deep set eyes which can give an overall very hard look to the face which can make certain people look quite unapproachable. There is nothing more youthful and attractive than open, friendly, young and healthy looking eyes and now it can be easily achieved without surgery.

Eyesecrets Eyelid Lifter is simply adhesive strips (hypoallergenically tested) that stick to your eyelids to gently and naturally lift them up into a more natural position and opening up your eyes making you look reinvigorated and well rested, instead of the sleepy appearance you had before. A gentle petroleum based gel comes with the strips that are easily applied which make the strips adhere firmly but gently to the eye so that the strips last the duration of the day, on average the strips will last 10-12 hours. Unless you have an allergy to petroleum, in which case it would be wise to avoid use, you will experience no irritation or discomfort from using the strips.

They can be easily removed and re-applied, just place the strip into your desired position and hold for 1-2 minutes and the strip will stay put. Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter is equally as suitable for men as well as women; they are suited to anyone who would like to improve the look of their eyes and whole face without resorting to a surgical procedure. The clear appearance of the strips make it a highly appealing option as they will not be noticeable to anyone else looking at you and cosmetics can be easily and safely applied before or after application of the strips. It does not matter what shape your eyes are or how large or how small they are, the strips will fit comfortably.

Whatever your age and whatever your reason for wanting an overall improvement in the look of your eyes and face, Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter will work wonders for the majority of problems people have with the appearance of their eyes. It will restore your lost youth and your self-confidence in no time at all, whether you want to wear the strips on a daily basis or just simply for a special occasion such as a wedding or a party, they will greatly benefit you and at an affordable price and a month's supply, you really can't go wrong.

Nov 29, 2011

How Quick Does Eyelid Lifter Work

When it comes to seeking a solution for your sagging baggy looking eyes, it is no easy task. Many shop bought products either take an eternity for you to see any improvement (if any at all) and they can be extremely expensive. Going down the surgical route comes with more serious risks as well as being out of reach for many people financially and the recovery period can be quite lengthy in some case being an interruption to daily life. Not the case with Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, it is a truly quick, simple and straightforward way to get a bright, renewed appearance.

With the Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter, you'll see results from the second you apply the strips to your upper eye lids. The hypoallergenic ally adhesive strips when applied to the upper eye lids gently lift the lids up to a more natural and pleasing position give instant results, like an instant eye lift. The petroleum gel when applied to the strips makes the adhesion greater so that they stay in place all day long. Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter is suitable for all; those with an allergy to petroleum may wish to consult their doctor before using the strips. They are totally invisible, made of a thin see-through material so they should not be noticeable to other people. They are not just for women; men can also attain great looking eyes with the use of the strips.

With a 30 day supply of Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter you can enjoy the brilliant results as much as you wish. They are suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, making them extremely convenient to use no need to cut the strips to size. If your problem is not baggy lids but your eyes are deep set, Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter can also be of great benefit to help open up your eyes. You can use the strips as frequently or as rarely as you like, they can be used all day every day or just weekends or special occasions. Each strip should last on average 10-12 hours before you need to re-apply a new one and they are very comfortable to wear so you should experience no irritation.

Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter will enhance the general appearance of the face due to the lifting of the eye area that leaves people looking old and haggard, you can look instantly fresher and younger. Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter can be used with cosmetics and with your wider looking eyes you may find your eye cosmetics will look even better! Forget going under the knife, watch the years vanish from your face in under a minute and look like you have had a great night's sleep every single day by using Eyesecrets Eyelid lifter.