Dec 5, 2013

10 quick fixes to looking younger

Throughout our lifetimes we spend countless amounts of hours trying to find the secret answer to looking younger. The most common answers we receive generally tend to include “change your life style,” “reduce the amount of stress in your life” or “change your diet.” The other option offered to women (and let’s not forget men) is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be very expensive and possibly unsafe. This article outlines 10 methods you can successfully try to look younger without having to undergo plastic surgery or making drastic lifestyle changes.

Let’s start with your Clothes. Are you still wearing clothes you did when you were 10 years younger?  Stay up to date on current trends and try wearing something different.  You do not have to replace your entire wardrobe and throw out everything you own, but take a look through your clothes and remove anything that looks like it was created a decade ago – these clothes do not deserve worthy wardrobe space!

Treat yourself to one or two new outfits that are up to date in the current style and fashion trends. By purchasing just a couple of new items at a time you will quickly have that new and “trendy” wardrobe you deserve. You will not only look much younger but you will feel it also!

Hair Color- Having white or grey hair adds at least ten years to your appearance. Have you ever tried coloring your hair? This can be done for less that £5 ($7’s) at home or can be done at a beauty salon. By giving your hair a make over you will instantly knock ten years off your look.

Face cream and wrinkle products– it is important that we keep our skin moist to stop it drying out. When choosing your face cream select one that firms your skin and gets to work on your wrinkles and those nasty bags under your eyes.

When it comes to trying to hide those wrinkles why not try Eye Secrets Eye Tightener? This product is ideal skin with fine lines and wrinkles and even those unwanted crows feet! It will leave your skin not only looking and feeling younger but it will also erase your wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your complexion appearing luminous and radiant!

Eye shadow – if you use eye shadows, avoid blues, greens, and purple colors. It is also advised that your try and use powders and not creams because cream will only make your wrinkles stand out more because it settles into the lines.

Eyeliner – try to avoid using black eyeliner and stick to white or brown. White opens up your eyes and makes you look more alert whereas black is dark and can draw attention to dark circles under your eyes; something you do not want to draw attention to!

Mascara – Don’t be afraid to use mascara, but be careful not to apply too much! Try and use just a couple of swipes with your mascara brush, this is all you need to look fresh, youthful and confident.

Exfoliate –Exfoliating with a mask twice a week will help remove dead skin and give you a healthy glow. This will also leave your skin feeling refreshed and alive again and make you feel young from the inside out!

Earrings - Avoid clips on and other round shaped earrings with a bargepole. These types of earrings will only date your appearance and add years on to your look; something you are trying to avoid! Wearing silver hoops, dangly or other fashionable earring styles will help make you look younger without really trying!

Pearls - Avoid pearl necklaces. Believe it or not, peals date your appearance and are the worst type of accessory to wear if you are trying to look “young.” If you wear accessories that are associated with older women, you are highlighting that you are older. Whereas, if you go with accessories that are normally associated with younger women, you are going to make other people believe you are younger than you actually are.

Shoes- Avoid flats and if you have blue veins running through your feet, try and stay away from sandals wherever you can! High heels can make you look young, sexy and draw enthuses to your legs. If you don’t feel comfortable in heals or if your feet can't handle heels, go for stylish kitten heels or flats with pointy toes.

As you have read in this article plastic surgery is not the only answer to looking younger. There not only are simple tips and tricks you try to help you look younger, there are also products on the market that can help hide those signs of aging without having to go under the knife – Eye Secrets Eye Tightener being just one of them!

How to make those bags under your eyes vanish

Under eye bags are those extra pockets of skin that form underneath our eyes and can make our eyes look more tired and saggy than normal. This area of skin is very thin, and can easily expand due to water retention from the foods we eat. These circles can also form if we have a cold or allergy which might cause us to develop swollen blood vessels. If you experience bags under your eyes continuously, it might be worth assessing your diet and making some small dietary changes.

Many of us at some point in our lives have experienced dark circles under our eyes and many associate this with a poor nights sleep or maybe just not getting enough sleep. However, you may be shocked to read that having those dark circles isn’t necessarily due to lack of sleep, most commonly it is due to us sleeping too horizontally. When we sleep horizontally, the fluid from our eyes cant drain properly and as a result rests under the eye, this causes bags and shadows to form.

As we touched on earlier, having a cold or blocked nose can result in lack of sleep. A stuffy nose can cause shadows or dark circles as a side effect.  A blocked nose can also cause fluid retention under the eyes, leading to puffiness.

Unfortunately many of us do suffer from those dark bags under our eyes and the majority of us want them to go away. Whilst plastic surgery is an option it is also VERY expensive and can be very dangerous. This is one of the main reasons Eye Secrets have developed their Eye Tightener product. They saw a gap in the market for a plastic surgery alternative and a product that helps to erase those fine lines and wrinkles in just one minute. The Eye Tightener product contains only 100% hypoallergenic ingredients that includes collagen, aloe, and vitamin B.

The Eye Tightener gets hard to work and erases wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes to leave you with much younger looking skin. The product involves absolutely no needles or surgery and starts to show results in just one minute. These results can last up to 10-12 hours. It is advised that you use the product daily to really allow the product to get hard to work and diminish those lines!

Lets look at some other ways those nasty bags can form so you can make those small changes in your lifestyle to prevent them developing.

Excess sodium in your diet causes your body to retain fluid; one of the areas it chooses to retain this fluid is under the eyes. This is because sodium naturally attracts water, which causes your body to hold onto it more than it typically would. The extra fluid looks for available spaces in your body where it can be stored; needless to say one of these spots is often under your eyes. Pay attention to the sodium levels in the foods you eat as this will have a dramatic effect of your water retention levels. Typical foods that include sodium include fast foods like French fries and pizza.  Surprisingly frozen and tinned foods also tend to have added sodium because sodium is a natural preservative.