Dec 6, 2012

What’s in the Eye Secrets Under Eye Tightener?

Instant Eye Tightener is 100% hypoallergenic and is designed to work with even the most sensitive skin-types. Instant Eye costumers include celebrities, spas, and other demanding clients. Here are some of the main ingredients:
  • Pentapeptide-3 - Clinically proven to regenerate the skin's upper layers by stimulating collagen production, thickening the epidermis.
  • Collagen - Collagen is a type of protein. Fibrous in nature, it connects and supports other bodily tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles, and cartilage.
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage -- free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.
Eye Secrets Instant Eye Tightener is Proven to Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines & Wrinkles in Under 1 Minute
  • Erase YOUR wrinkles & fine lines – instantly.
  • Results last a full 10-12 hours.
  • No Surgery.
  • No Needles.

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