May 22, 2015

African Mango by Bauer Nutrition

African Mango by Bauer Nutrition is another quality product that is designed to give your weight loss program a boost especially if you think that you are already in a plateau.

One way to address plateaus is to modify your lifestyle into positive and healthy mood. Another approach is through the help of a dependable and effective weight loss supplement.

African Mango is one of the most touted and controversial fruits in the weight loss industry, which many experts claim that it can suppress appetite. Is Bauer Nutrition’s own version of African Mango as potent as its other bestselling products?
What is African Mango?

African mango or scientifically known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is a specie of African trees in the Irvingia genus. African tribes call it wild mango, bush mango or ogbono.

There are several usage for this type of mango and its popularity increased when its weight loss properties were discovered. Several studies have confirmed African mango’s efficacy, which triggers huge interests by thousands of diet pill manufacturers.

A study of volunteer obese individuals have undergone African mango extract supplementation tests, one against a herbal remedy and another against a placebo.

Results showed that Irvingia Gabonensis resulted in greater weight loss and improved blood-tests when compared to placebo. Same goes with herbal remedy comparison.

Experts believes that the weight loss power of African mango came from its high fiber content, because the fruit was also able to reduce blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels of its subjects.

While African mango is a promising weight loss agent, there are still much to learn about this fruit before experts can completely recommend it. Experts and nutritionists however believes, that a combination of herb extracts (African mango and raspberry ketones perhaps) can constitutes to significant weight loss compared to African mango alone.

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